Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boston follow up

Ok, I finally have a few photos for you from Boston.  But I am way behind on posting.

The photo shoot went great.  I was able to see the shots right after they took them and they were very cool.  I'm not sure yet where to look for them.   I was told by someone that the shoot was for print ads and billboards, but I if I find out more I will put it in here.  (sorry this this just a picture from our hotel room, I can't post a pic of the shoot just yet.)

As for the pose, it was like those old time punters with the leg straight up and the two arms out. They had some old player cards from the 60's there, showed them to me, and asked"can you do this?" I wasn't really planning on having to stretch before the shoot, but I didn't need any pulled hamstrings.  I will be auctioning off the shoes I wore in the shoot to benefit the PUNT Foundation soon
 (  I will let you know when I get that set up in one of my next posts and on twitter.  
After the shoot Amber and I took a drive around Harvard. What a beautiful campus. It was like a town of its own.  We then went back to the Hotel, put on our walking shoes and took off for the Freedom Trail.  We thought of taking the trolly, but instead, walked it.  Being a history major in college, it was great to see where so many historical events happened.  Including the Boston Massacre.  

Ok, seriously, here is a pic of paul revere's grave

Later that night we actually ended up running into a guy that I was in training camp with in Seattle way back in 2000, Isaiah Kacyvenski.  He had a very successful career with the Hawks and was out celebrating a new start after being accepted into the Harvard MBA program.  What an awesome accomplishment.  Congrats Kaz!!! What a small world.  

Ok that was a weak post on the rest of Boston, but my brother in law told me my posts are too long :-)  

Honestly, I just want to start on my next post about being back in Buffalo again this week for the Draft and to see who is getting voted onto the 50th anniversary team.  I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but man would that be cool.  

Until next time....

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  1. From one Kansan to another, good luck!!! Hope the rest of Bills Nation voted you onto the 50th anniversary team.